Brent Evan Hopkins, Esq.


Saint Joseph’s University

54th and City Line Avenue
Philadelphia, PA. 19131
B.A. in Politics, May 1983

Rutgers University School of Law – Camden

Cooper and N. 5th St.
Camden, NJ 08102
Juris Doctor, May 1986

Professional Licenses

Admitted to Bar of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, December 1986
Admitted to Bar of State of New Jersey, December 1989

Work Experience


Charles I. Coant, LLC
Vineland, NJ 08360
Junior Partner
Duties include representation of clients involved in various phases of litigation, to include those charged with criminal offenses.

JULY 2012 to AUGUST 2017

Cumberland County Prosecutors Office
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Assistant Prosecutor/Senior Trial Attorney
Primary assignments related to the investigation and prosecution of major crimes committed within the county, specifically homicide, attempted homicide, armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.  Duties include the review of criminal complaints and investigations; preparation of charges for presentation to Grand Jury; conduct of plea negotiations; interviewing of witnesses; preparation and conduct of pre-trial motions; presentation of evidence to 14 member juries in trial phase; provision of legal opinions to law enforcement officers of various agencies operating in the county and detectives of the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, review and approval of search warrants and affidavits prepared in support of same.

OCTOBER 2002 to JULY 2012

State of New Jersey – Office of the Attorney General
Department of Law and Public Safety
Division of Criminal Justice
Casino Prosecutions Section

Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Deputy Attorney General
Primary assignments related to the investigation and prosecution of all crimes committed within the confines of the Atlantic City casinos.  Duties include the review of criminal complaints and investigations: preparation of charges for presentation to both the Atlantic County Grand Jury and the State of New Jersey Grand Jury; conduct of plea negotiations; interviewing of witnesses; preparation and conduct of pre-trial motions; presentation of evidence to 14 member petit juries in trial phase; provision of legal opinions to detectives of both the New Jersey State Police and Division of Criminal Justice involved in casino investigations; review and approval of search warrants and affidavits prepared in support of same.  Special assignments dealing with matters unrelated to casino crimes have included: detachment to the Organized Crime and Narcotics Bureau from June 2006 to May 2007 in connection with a statewide investigation of the Bloods street gang dubbed “Operation Nine-Trey”; prosecution of a multi-defendant homicide case transferred from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

JANUARY 2002 to OCTOBER 2002

Law Office of Edward Gatier, Esq.
Malaga, NJ 08328
Duties included preparation of civil complaints, preparation of wills, real estate closings, and contract preparation and review.

FEBRUARY 1990 to JUNE 2000

Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Assistant Prosecutor
Trial Section: Duties included review of indicted matters involving all types of criminal offenses; participation in plea negotiations, interviewing of witnesses and handling of all motions in pre-trial phase; presenting of state’s case to 14 member jury in trial phase.  Supervision of Vehicular Homicide and Serious Injury Unit.  Duties included review of all vehicular collisions occurring in the County that involved death or serious bodily injury; determination of propriety and presentation of criminal charges related to said collisions to Grand Jury.  Further duties included prosecution of indicted vehicular matters in pre-trial and trial phase and supervision of Unit Accident Reconstructionist and state grant funding of unit.

Grand Jury Section: Duties included review of criminal complaints and investigations, preparation of charges to be presented to the Grand Jury, interviewing of Grand Jury witnesses and presentation of matters to the Grand Jury.

Juvenile Prosecution Unit: Duties included review of all criminal offense complaints issued in county to juvenile offenders, determination of further prosecution of said juvenile offenders of diversion to other court programs, formulation of all plea offers made to family court judge in all juvenile trial matters.

SEPTEMBER 1986 to MAY 1989

Cresse, Carr, Peaselee, and Thompson
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Law Clerk
Duties included legal research, brief writing, assisting counsel in preparation of complaints, motions, and interrogatories, and interviewing of witnesses.

Professional Schools Attended

  • May 3, 1999 – Autos and Alcohol: A Medical Examiner’s View.  Atlantic City, NJ
    • One day seminar which included topics related to the mechanics for the evaluation of motor vehicle crashes; duties and functions of accident reconstructionists, medical personnel and pathologists; and various aspects of forensic toxicology.
  • October 26-30, 1998 – Lethal Weapon: DUI Homicide Course.  Leesburg, VA
    • Presented by National Traffic Law Center, American Prosecutors Institute.  Advanced course in the prosecution of vehicular homicides.  Topics included kinematics and dynamics of vehicles and occupants, accident reconstruction methodologies, technical investigation techniques, legal aspects of vehicular homicide investigations, and toxicology.
  • March 22-25, 1998 – 25th National Conference on Juvenile Justice.  Orlando, FL
    • Co-sponsored by National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and the National Attorneys Association.  Conference involved professionals from numerous fields related to the issues of juvenile crime.  Topics included the prevention of juvenile delinquency, treatment strategies for violent juvenile offenders, community prosecution, juvenile drug courts and juvenile gangs.
  • September 18-22, 1995 – Top Gun – Investigating and Prosecuting Drug Cases.  Fort Dix, NJ
    • Presented by New Jersey Statewide Narcotics Task Force, The County Narcotic Commanders Association of New Jersey and The American Prosecutors Research Institute.
    • Advanced course in the building of a Narcotics Prosecution.  Topics included were search and seizure law, interrogation techniques, investigative planning, surveillance principles, raid planning, and dynamic entry techniques.
  • October 25-November 5, 1993 – South Jersey Investigative School.  Sewell, NJ
    • Presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Eighty hour course of study in law enforcement techniques and procedures applicable to the duties of a detective.  Topics included crime scene investigation, crisis management, media relations, and criminal profiling.
  • March 24 – April 10, 1992 – Basic Firearms Training.  Sewell, NJ
    • Presented by the Gloucester County Police Academy.
    • Topics included police patrol procedures, uses of the Monadnock PR – 24 defensive police baton, unarmed self-defense, and the handling and use of firearms.  The completion of the course resulted in qualification to carry firearms within the state of New Jersey.
  • March 8 – 12, 1992 – Prosecuting Drug Cases.  Philadelphia, PA
    • Presented by the National College of District Attorneys.
    • Basic introductory course covering all aspects of drug prosecutions.  Topics included investigative techniques, constitutional law, investigating and dismantling clandestine drug laboratories, mass volume drug prosecution and electronic surveillance.
  • October 29 – November 2,1990 – Prosecuting Attorneys Basic Course.  Trenton, NJ
    • Presented by NJ Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice.
    • Introductory course for first year prosecutors covering topics such as case evaluation, preparation of investigation plans, search and seizure law, and presentation of trial evidence.