Charles I. Coant

Cumberland County Attorney

Charles Coant zealously represents his clients in the areas of personal injury law (injured plaintiff) , workers’ compensation law (injured worker), and criminal defense in order to help clients get the best possible results on their cases. With almost three decades of practice, he has helped many people while treating each client and case with the importance they deserve.

With cases as diverse as Worker’s Compensation and Criminal Defense, Attorney Charles Coant successfully handles the cases efficiently and professionally, working for solutions for each client’s problems.

On June 22, 2020, Mr. Coant was sworn in for a one-year term as president of the Cumberland County Bar Association. He assumes this position after serving as treasurer, secretary, and most recently, vice president.

During his tenure as Cumberland County Bar President, Mr. Coant created three profound and lasting events which benefit both the bar association and its related charitable foundation, namely the Cumberland County Bar Foundation Legacy Golf Tournament, an event formed pursuant to the bylaws of the foundation, which seeks to honor a former deceased member of the bar association, who had a distinguished legal career, while at the same time generating revenue for the various charitable endeavors of the foundation, which had been floundering in recent years.

Secondly, Mr. Coant created the diversity committee within the Cumberland Bar Association to initiate necessary cultural and ethical changes within the organization and embrace diversity so that every individual feels like they belong.

Thirdly, during his tenure, Mr. Coant created the annual Judge DeSimone Law School Essay Competition, a scholarship competition open to all students attending accredited law schools, who reside in Southern New Jersey. Importantly, Mr. Coant persuaded the adjoining county bar associations from Gloucester and Salem to join the Cumberland County Bar Association and award a combined $4,000.00 in prize money to the winning essay. Mr. Coant has created the subject matter of this essay competition every year since the inception of the competition in 2020.

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Personal Injury Law

When people are injured through the fault of another, they need support, not just emotionally, but often medically and financially. New Jersey Attorney Charles Coant guides his clients to the right places for proper care while dealing with the legal channels to get compensation.

With no need for payment up front, he can get started on the case as soon as someone asks for help. Because of time limits on filing, Attorney Charles Coant encourages everyone who may need compensation to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Criminal Defense

A tireless advocate for the defense, Attorney Charles Coant defends every case aggressively, no matter how small the case may seem.  Criminal charges can have a large impact on your life and he wants the best for every client.

As part of his criminal appeals work, Attorney Charles Coant co-wrote the legal briefs in a case that was successful at the United States Supreme Court. Apprendi v. New Jersey is considered a landmark case, where the Court considered the application of the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled in favor if defense arguments that judges are prohibited from enhancing sentences beyond statutory requirements on their own, and that kind of extra penalty needs to be decided by a jury.

Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s Compensation cases can be frustrating because there are so many denials, and because there is so much paperwork involved.  Attorney Charles Coant can help clients find their way through the maze of paperwork to a successful claim.

Since his beginnings in the practice of law, New Jersey Attorney Charles Coant has focused on his clients as the heart of his practice.