In most cases, when someone is injured in the workplace or during the course of carrying out job-related tasks or responsibilities in New Jersey, the injured person is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through their employer.

When there is a concern that an employer is not meeting their legal obligation to provide or facilitate these benefits, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help protect workers’ rights. An attorney who is not afraid to stand up to the insurance company or employer can help ensure the injured worker gets the compensation they are entitled to receive.

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Compensation for Injuries in the Workplace

New Jersey law provides benefits to employees who were injured on the job, regardless of who was at fault. So, even if the injuries were the result of the injured worker’s own negligence, he or she is still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Benefits include payment for medical expenses arising from a workplace or work-related injury, compensation for lost wages during the period while the injured worker cannot perform his or her work duties, and death benefits to the family members of loved ones who died as a result of work-related injuries.

Injuries in the workplace may indicate that there is a bigger, systemic issue in the workplace. A workers’ compensation attorney can help give employers an incentive to resolve such issues to protect other employees from becoming injured in the future.

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Workplace injuries can occur anywhere at any time, but workers should not have to bear the financial impact workplace injuries can bring, regardless of who was at fault or what caused the injury.

Workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect workers. When the system doesn’t work the way it should, contacting an experienced, knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney can help. Charles I. Coant, LLC is known throughout Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties for providing unsurpassed client service. While he cannot guarantee the results of your case, Mr. Coant can guarantee that he will work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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